Wednesday, 31 October 2012


The last few days have been very mild and damp, some days the fog hasn't lifted at all. Dusk has been eerily quiet with sounds muffled and visibility low.

Misty morning view

The mushrooms have flourished in this weather so I took the camera out to see what I could find. I just wish we had the French tradition of the pharmacies identifying them for you. I don't think my Observer Book of Funghi is up to the job.

Under the willow tree
High rise fungus
Marching mushrooms
These seem so fragile
Before Mortimer decimated them!
Surely these would be good with some garlic & butter?

The apple harvest started late this year and although most of the Bramleys have been picked there are still a lot of Howgate Wonders on the trees. Because it is that bit later the leaves have started to turn giving some gorgeous colours.

Mortimer loves this time of year, cooler weather and an abundance of food!

Of course I wasn't scrumping!

Until next time



  1. Don't you believe it about the French pharmacies these days! Like everyone else, afraid of litigation if they go wrong, all you get is a Gallic shrug. Great photos.

  2. Oh Margaret I'm so disappointed! I'll just have to get one of those mushroom posters and keep my fingers crossed!