Sunday, 29 July 2012

From the sublime....

We were doing a bit of chateaux stalking the other day, it just sort of happened. We started off looking at properties in our budget and then went a bit further, and a bit further,and then some more and we stopped when we found this 19th century fantasy chateau.

We just loved the Harry Potter style staircase.

I might have to change the artworks in the bedroom.

And my own drawbridge.

A snip at 1.790m euros or with today's favourable exchange rate a tad over £1.4 million. Look here while the details are still available.

However reality at Chateau Nelson is a little different. You may remember we are reinstating the bathroom to it's original position, which meant reopening a doorway and putting a wall back. Like all the best projects nothing is straight forward. The bathroom/hall wall was lathe & plaster and not in brilliant condition so Andrew decided it would be easier to start again. On the plus side the kindling pile is looking pretty healthy.

New doorway
Spot the magic hammer
New doorway & partition
Not sure the door is really necessary at this point!
More wall coming off
Shower controls
The wall is now back and Andrew has started what is proving to be a very challenging plumbing project.

Frankly I've no idea!
Think I'll stalk some more chateaux!


  1. We're just doing our bathroom too. But Malcolm's given up on doing the plumbing himself. Version 1 was concreted in more than 70 years ago and declines to come out with any drill we've so far sourced. Fantasy châteaux rule, eh?

    1. I'm beginning to wish Andrew had given up as well Margaret. He's just ordered a new 'coffin' water tank for the loft. Then it had to have a base built to spread the weight when full, on which Andrew asked me stand to test it's load bearing capabilities. If I don't blog for a while.................

  2. OMD. Who BUILT that thing? (The château, not your bathroom :0). And why? It's - um - horrible!

  3. It certainly is a Disneyesque fantasy isn't it Kalba? Although I do like the staircase ( without the carpet!)