Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Pin power

This wasn't going to be my next post. I had decided that I'd given you quite a few lovely images lately and that isn't the current reality in Nelson House. The office has bare walls, everywhere is covered with dust, Mortimer seems to be moulting (but he's a labradoodle I hear you cry) and the kitchen floor resembles a spaghetti western film set with tumbleweed replaced by balls of black hair.

My desk (which currently doubles as my dressing table) is covered in fabric samples for my next upholstery project, yes I know I haven't finished the last one yet.

I was even going to post photos of these horrors. The joys of restoring an old house.

But I relented because it's another grey, miserable spring day. There is promise out there though with the apple blossom poised to explode into pink loveliness.

Sunday morning - before the grey descended

Actually I wasn't even going to show you the apple blossom. I was just going to tell you that yesterday I pinned just one image to my French Style board and within minutes it was being repinned around the world. Amazing.

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  1. Yup. Pinterest is fun. I waste all sorts of happy time there. New follower this morning, and her personal description reads: Every little thing happens for any reason. Reside it.

    Words to live by.