Thursday, 8 March 2012


I started this blog for two main reasons, firstly to keep a record of the work we are doing at Nelson House and secondly to let friends and family (we'd moved a fair distance from them) see what we were up to. Strangely we get more visits from 'strangers' than we do from people we know!

You can't blog without reading other peoples blogs and I have quite a long list that I follow regularly but they fall into four categories

  • Design
  • Living in France
  • Friends ( mainly people we met whilst we were sailing)
  • That great catch all - miscellaneous
What's really fun is you get to 'meet' or should I say 'bleet' (BLog+mEET) really interesting people. So I thought that I might share the occasional blog with you, not in any particular order or agenda but just as the whim takes me.

So first off the block is Kalba who lives in the Ariege region of France. I chanced upon her blog fairly recently and soon became entranced, deeply envious and with feelings of under achievement. Kalba is a therapist & counsellor, with her partner ran a very successful restaurant in Norfolk called 'terroir' and has spent the last five years in France restoring an old farmhouse into quality gites and chambre d'hote accommodation. They believe in slow living and I'm sure a stay with them would convince me too!

She blogs about life in what looks like a stunning part of France and shows the work they've done, and continue to do, on the farmhouse.

I've stolen some images from their website to tempt you

Kalba - is that a hint of zebra I see?

Doesn't that look like a great place to unwind? And no I'm not being paid for this, I just wanted to show you why I enjoy blogging so much.

Until next time



  1. Now THAT looks like a nice place to stay! Awesome people, too :-) I'll look forward to cracking open a few bottles with you when you make it over here one day, even if you do say horsey things about my cushions.

  2. Looks beautiful and makes you want to pack up the car and go, although not sure Kalba would appreciate the whole turning up.