Thursday, 25 August 2011

Back to the sitting room

The last post was done in  almost real time so I'm taking you back a step or two to play catch up. Once we had knocked all the plaster off the sitting room walls and cleared all the debris we were able to put the insulation up. Because the room is a reasonable size we weren't worried about losing a few centimetres so we decided on 60 mm thick Celotex. Celotex is  a thick sheet of insulation foam backed with silver foil. Just by putting your hand on it you can feel the warmth.

Defunct chimney breast

External wall
Into the bay window
The Celotex was put on all three external walls, the fiddly bits were round the windows, particularly the bay. Once it was all in place then the battening for the plasterboard was fixed. This took some time as Andrew had to work out the spacing for the plasterboard sheets and also where we may be placing shelves or hanging artworks. He also had to be careful when putting in the special fixings not to create thermal bridges to avoid creating cold spots. We decided to dryline the internal wall with plasterboard and then the whole room could be skimmed to give a nice smooth finish.


Blocked up internal window
Like all things the bulk of the plasterboard went up really quickly and then a couple of areas, windows and arch, took ages to get right.

We're starting to look habitable

Squared off arch
So finally, with the plasterers coming in next week, I can seriously start thinking about the room design. The concept board was done a while ago but I'm still sourcing of a few of the elements. But as a preview here's the board.

Sitting room concept board
In case you're wondering the three words for the board were suggested by Andrew and are 'Cosy Relaxed Mmmm....' :)

Until next time


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