Thursday, 4 January 2018

We've moved!

I hope you've enjoyed following the progress of the restoration of Nelson House. If you want to see how we do in France then join us at:

The Old Notaire's House

Tuesday, 3 October 2017


We've been in a bubble this month. With our house sold and a French house bought we've just been jogging along quietly. Until exchange of contracts (still waiting) we don't like to disrupt anything in the house in case we have to go back on the market. We've done some planning for the interior of the Correze house and barn, Andrew has been reading up on French electrics and plumbing (which has been the cause of a few sleepless nights). I've been sorting through my boxes of hoarded fabrics and Ebaying like crazy.

It's been nice to have visitors too although when we've been out and about we've had the odd 'will this be the last time...' moment. The first, and probably only time was a trip to Castle Rising Castle, a 12th century castle with huge surrounding earthworks. It's a lovely place to wander around and they allow dogs in as well although we decided that Mortimer and spiral staircases would not be a brilliant combination.

Castle Rising Castle

Autumn is probably my favourite season, I love the soft, golden light and warmth that doesn't sap. I usually have my camera tucked in a pocket to take some shots.

Autumn at Nelson House
As well as the weather, I love Autumn for the food. Much as I enjoy salads and the soft summer fruit it's nice to get back to soup and comfort food (much needed at the moment). Cooking is my 'go to' activity for relieving stress so I've returned to some favourite recipe books and tried out some new dishes. 

Andrew also made me a special dish for breakfast last Sunday. During our very brief house hunting trip to France I had 'pain perdu' for the first time. Also know as French toast, lost bread or eggy toast it was something that Andrew would sometimes have as a child but had passed me by. The version we had, as a dessert, was made with brioche and delicious and I was promised some on our return. We had several false starts but eventually it was served last week. He used a version by Mimi Thorisson, in her 'A kitchen in France' book and it was delicious and a great treat.

And that was September. I'm sure that October is not going to be as gentle a month but hopefully there will be some movement.